About You

What do you want in a production company?  By watching our video and reading below, you’ll see how HGP satisfies our clients’ most prevalent “wants”.

How can we help you achieve what you want?

I want to avoid going through a learning curve with a new production company, especially since there’s no guarantee they will be better.

Actually, we will guarantee that we’ll produce a better event for dollars spent! We understand that change can be hard, but we’ll make it as easy as possible, as our many clients can attest. We’ll work quickly to learn your corporate culture and lingo and to anticipate your needs before you do.


I want my production company to anticipate all costs up front and avoid post-event overages.

HGP submits a detailed line-item budget for approval and always sticks to it. You will never pay more than what you expected. “Details R Us” when it comes to budgeting, including anticipating any overtime that may be required to meet schedule demands and estimating what the direct venue costs will be. Ask any of our clients – they will confirm that there are never budget surprises from HGP.


I want an awards program that’s not so long and boring.

HGP has helped transform many awards programs from seemingly endless and dull to inspiring and rewarding for both winners and observers. We’re confident you, your company executives, and your attendees will be ecstatic with the results. Call us to learn about some of our proven techniques.

I want a production company that’s flexible and can roll with last-minute changes.

We’ve built internal systems to ensure we can support our clients when things change, no matter what, when or how. We are masters at turning on a dime, as our clients will attest.

I want help with our presenters – one never prepares, one gets so nervous she can hardly speak, and one has never-ending slides.

Our presentation expertise has helped hundreds of speakers to be their best onstage. From script and PowerPoint/Keynote enhancement, to sharing proven presentations techniques, to confidence building, to TelePrompter coaching, to alternative presentation formats, HGP will empower speakers beyond their expectations.


I want better control of our general session timing. We always seem to get off schedule.

You’ve come to the right place. Our proven “on time” track record is based on our tools and techniques such as creating minute-by-minute “show flows”, scheduling sufficient rehearsals where we can compare allotted time with actual presentation length, and being prepared to work with our clients in session to make on-the-spot adjustments as needed. We’ll guarantee you’ll start and end on time, every time.


I want a fresh approach to our meeting but I’m nervous it might not be a good fit for our audience.

Don’t worry. First we’ll learn about your objectives and goals for the event. Then we’ll learn about your attendees – demographics, tastes, preconceptions, expectations and possible anxieties. We’ll review videos and scripts of what you’ve done before. We’ll brainstorm several strategic and creative options for your feedback and approval. And we’ll deliver as promised – no substitutions, scary surprises or inappropriate adlibs.


I want to be protected. It seems like every company says they’re “full-service” but I worry that my program will be jobbed out to freelancers.

Over the last two decades, HGP has assembled a team of seasoned professionals, many of whom are involved from the inception of an idea through to the execution of the event, to ensure the vision is never lost. Our key team members – producers, director/choreographer, stage managers, graphics/PowerPoint operator, technical director, and audio, lighting & video designers and leads have been with HGP for more than a decade. They are keenly aware that we have only one chance to get it right. If we have the pleasure of working with you, you will get to know our team and learn why they are beloved and respected by us and our clients.